Shelter From the Storm

We are back from Israel and missing time with everyone. Like most of you we will be homebound for awhile. Times are difficult and we are traveling in unchartered waters. While this not is not “normal” we will try to normalize things as much as possible. While dealing with isolation astronaut Scott Kelly gives this advise from his experience:
  1. Follow a schedule. – Keep things as routine as possible. It is good for the mind and the body.
  2. Pace yourself – While being at home the majority of the time there will be a tendency to work and to feel unproductive if you are not busy. Take time during the day for breaks and respite.
  3. Go outside – Even though it was impossible to go outside when they were orbiting in space they would play sounds of nature and envision the sights and sounds of the outdoors. We can still take walks in the park (just keep proper distance) and do yard work.
  4. Find a hobby – This may be a good time to start doing that thing you never have time to do.
  5. Keep a journal – It is a great way to reflect on what God is showing you and revealing to you each day. We encourage people to practice the Daily Examen.
  6. Take time to connect – Being physically absent does not mean we cannot connect with each other. Phone calls, texts, video conferencing. Make a cup of coffee and FaceTime or Google Chat with a friend.
  7. Listen to experts – most things require common sense but when you need brain surgery you listen to the brain surgeon. This is not the time to show how independent you are. Not only your life but other lives are at stake.
  8. Know we are all connected – As lonely as one can feel know that you are not alone in this journey. We are all in this together.
In order to check a couple of these boxes we will be holding a Facebook Live event every Monday and Thursday at 12:15 pm. We are calling it “Shelter From The Storm” and it will be a 10 minute time of devotional reflections and prayer. We know that many people are home now and we encourage you to take an afternoon break to re-center and re-fuel. It will be a blessing to be together and touch base. You simply need to click the link below. If you follow us on Facebook then you should get a notice. (Note: do not go to the High Mountain Church “Group” page…that page does not work. You need to go to the High Mountain Church page (