Reflections from 3/28

We are one full week into our quarantine since we have been back from Israel. It is an odd thing to not be interacting with people face to face. I did appreciate the Zoom Prayer Service we had on Wednesday night because at least we were able to see each other and have actual dialogue. As much as I appreciate the technology to Live Stream and do other things that will keep us connected individually and corportaely, I still miss the in person interaction.
Yesterday Susan and I took a walk down at Goffle Park in Hawthorne. There were signs telling us to keep our distance from other walkers and police tape that closed down the swing sets and play areas for kids. There were quite a few people out walking as it was a beautiful day and people are getting cabin fever. We have walked this path many times in the past and there is always a nice exchange of “hellos” and “how are you doing?” and various forms of small talk chatter. But yesterday was different. As we walked past people they seemed afraid to make eye contact. A few said “hi” but the majority walked past with their heads down in silence. It was surreal. It was as if it was a Science Fiction movie where people were suspicious of one another and afraid that any exchange would make one vulnerable and prone to catching the CoronaVirus. It was eerie and a bit shocking to experience that.
I am all for taking precaution and being as careful as we can be. But I would also encourage us to be as human as we can be. We are all in this together and a simple smile, nod, acknowledgement of another person’s presence tells us that we are connected, that we exist and that this virus will not take away our ability to love or connect with each other. If this situation is revealing anything it is revealing that everyone, every individual, every country is vulnerable, has limited power and control and that we need one another to get through this. If there was ever a time to send the love of Jesus in the most simple of ways, it is now. The Apostle John wrote: “Perfect love casts out fear.” I pray that we are not dictated by fear that drives us into isolation but that perfect love of Jesus. Let that be more contagious than CoronaVirus19.
What do you think? How does this make you feel?
Pastor Steven