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Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts

Reflections Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts      .      There are a myriad of ways for people to meet their demise.  The ancient Chinese practice of torturing people to death by small, continuous cuts all over their body has to be one of the most painful and mentally tormenting of them all. […]

The Valley of Vision

  The Valley Of Vision   Last Sunday I presented to our congregation seven different written prayers, including ones from Augustine, Ambrose, St. Francis, St. Patrick, John Wesley and King David. I encouraged people to pick one of these prayers and pray that one prayer three times a day for one week.  The prayer that […]

My House is Your House

Reflections   My House Is Your House When I write my “Reflections” I usually write about something I am reflecting on.  Hence the name of the the post.  Sometimes those reflections are on something that happened to me and some kind of spiritual/ethical/moral application that I reflect on.  Sometimes, they are about an insight I […]

Brake Time

Reflections Brake Time      As I write this I am sitting in a small Starbucks at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas.  I am waiting for my son to pick me up so we can drive him, his belongings and his car back to New Jersey.  He was supposed to pick me up […]

Ascended, Not Absent

Reflections Yesterday was Ascension Thursday.  We did not hold any Ascension Eve services.  There was not an Ascension Sun Rise Service and breakfast.  No special songs.  No gifts or decorations.  No T.V. specials or cartoons.  But, the Ascension, as an event, is a holy day in our Christian calendar.  Below I reprinted an article by […]

What’s In Your Cup?

Reflections   Today I was at Starbucks with Mark Perkins.  We were waiting for our order and  it was taking a bit of time because of a huge order that came before us.  While we were standing there a woman who ordered before us was also waiting for her order but she was getting visibly […]

Sorry, I’m doing my best.

Reflections “Sorry, I Am Doing My Best”    In many cases “Doing your best” is desirable, acceptable and commendable.  But not in all circumstances.  We can imagine a hundred scenarios where the excuse  “I am doing my best” would be met with the response along these lines:  “Well, your best is not good enough”.   […]

The Imago Dei

The Imago Dei      “So God created  mankind  in his own image,  in the image of God  he created them; male and female  he created them.” (Genesis 1:27).      The image of God.  In Latin it is called “The Imagio Dei.”       God creates man in His image and then man tries to destroy that image.  He takes […]


  Pentecost           After Christmas the next “big” event on the Christian Calendar is Holy Week, concluding with the resurrection of Jesus.  After Easter, what is the next “big celebration” on the Christian Calendar?   Well, it does not gain much fanfare and there are no holidays or celebrations associated with it.  There […]


Beautiful   “And you know what’s so funny about life? Sometimes, it goes the way you want, and sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes, when it doesn’t, you find something beautiful.” Carole King      Last weekend Susan and I went to see the Broadway musical “Beautiful”, the story of legendary singer-song writer Carole King.   […]