Leo Tolstoy is the great Russian novelist best known for his novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina.      Born into a wealthy, aristocratic family Tolstoy had a moral crises in the 1870’s that led to deep spiritual awakening and transformation.  He became an ardent follower of the teachings of Jesus, in particular the […]

It’s Friday…But Sunday’s Comin’

We held our annual Good Friday service earlier this evening.  It is always a very solemn, stark time as we “journey to the cross.”  It is an experiential service with readings, sharing and reflection on different meditations related to the last hours of Jesus’ life.   The meditations include sharing the Lord’s Supper, being with Jesus in the […]

How Much Longer?

A few weeks ago I wrote a Reflection encouraging people to take a moment to see the beauty in all the snow we have been getting.  You know, a “don’t curse the darkness but light a candle instead” type of perspective.  Which is true.  Just take a look at the picture above.   But I think I […]

Praying Prayers

When I was growing up as a Roman Catholic all I really knew were written and memorized prayers.  Rarely did I ever pray extemporaneously.      Then when I became a committed follower of Jesus  and attended an evangelical church all I ever did and saw modeled for me was to pray spontaneously, without any […]

Snowstorms and Cardinals

These recent snowstorms have caused havoc in our area. I am not a big fan of all the trouble that snow causes and the many inconveniences that come as a result of the “state of emergency” that seem to be happening every other week. And it has been a bad few weeks. Fallen trees and power lines, […]

Pastor to the Presidents

     Last week the great evangelist Billy Graham went home to be with the Lord at the age of 99. He lived a long life and had an extraordinary impact on the world.  His preaching literally led thousands to a relationship with Jesus.  His influence is far-reaching, from Presidents to paupers.  I remember many […]

Enough is Enough

Alyssa Alhadeff – 15 years old Scott Beigel – 37 years old Jaime Guttenberg – 14 years old Martin Duque – 14 years old Nicholas Dworet – 17 years old Aaron Feis – 37 years old Chris Hixon -49 years old Luke Hoyer – 15 years old Carol Loughran – 14 years old Gina Mantalto […]

The Olympics

 I don’t think I am alone in this:     I don’t normally watch men’s figure skating on television.  But I do during the Olympics.     I have no interest in downhill skiing.  But I do during the Olympics.     You couldn’t pay me to watch a curling match (sweeping a broom on […]

Counting the Cost

     Last week Rachel Denhollander gave her victim impact statement in a packed courtroom.  Denholander was a 15 year old member of  USA  Gymnastic Team when Dr. Larry Nassar began sexually abusing her.   Sixteen years later  she was the first victim to publicly accuse Nassar of sexual assault and abuse.  Since then over 150 […]


    I like to look at the weather on my phone for the upcoming week and see where it is trending.  Is it getting warmer?  Is there a chance of snow?  How cold is it going to be when I walk the dog in the morning? But no matter how good the meteorologist are […]