Thinking of You

“Thinking Of You”
The last few weeks there have been devastating hurricanes that have wreaked havoc on many southern states and throughout the Caribbean Islands.  I was watching one news report where the anchor was interviewing one of the victims in Houston who lost his home in the severe flooding.  At the conclusion of the interview the anchor said “Just know that we will be thinking of you.”  No doubt he meant that in the most sincere way and hopefully the man felt comforted by that sentiment.  But I couldn’t help but think how woefully insufficient that phrase is. It pales in comparison to “Just know that we will be praying for you.”
“Thinking of you” vs. “Praying for you.”  I will take “praying for you” any day.  Not that “thinking of you” is bad, it is just impotent.  Some people believe that there is powerful energy released with positive thoughts and there just may be.  I don’t claim to understand all the extra sensory phenomenon.  But a million positive thoughts do not compare to the power of God.  God is not a bundle of energy, He is the creator of energy.  He is the one who is the master of creation, the authority over all nature, the center of being.  Once, when Jesus calmed the stormy sea, His disciples stared at Him in amazement and asked: “What kind of man is this?  Even the winds and waves obey Him.” (Matthew 8:27).
Prayer taps into this power in a mysterious way.  Scripture is not clear as to exactly how this works but we are called to pray and God responds to the prayers of His people.  Spiritually, mysteriously, powerfully, God is at work.  We pray and the Holy Spirit, unseen to our physical eyes, like the wind, moves.  God’s power is unleashed.  He moves in response to the prayers of His children.
Before we do anything, we need to pray.  Our church is planning on participating in some relief efforts that will help ease the suffering, that will help to supply some of the financial and physical needs that have to be addressed.  But first, before we do anything, we need to pray.  We need o release the power of God.
Let’s do more than think about the victims and the sorrowful and challenging situation. Let’s first pray and watch how God responds and how He leads us to respond.
What do you think?  How does it make you feel?