Sea Glass for Nancy

“Sea Glass For Nancy”
The Lavallette beach opened for the first time this week. We heard about it yesterday and late this afternoon we took our first walk on the beach. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect for a nice, late afternoon walk along the shore line. There were a few people scattered on the beach and there was this strange mixture of hope and sadness. Hope that better days lie ahead and sadness that so much has changed. But one thing I noticed did not change. As we began our walk along the beach Susan said: “Look for sea glass for Nancy.” Without fail, every time we walk along the beach Susan will remind me, as if I haven’t heard it a thousand times before, “Look for seas glass for Nancy.” The last part of that phrase (command?) just stuck with me…”Sea glass for Nancy.” It was a gentle reminder that as much as things change some things still stay the same. But more than that, it was the simple, almost unconscious but natural thought that something that our friend would like was valued and important to my wife. Honestly, I didn’t need the reminder. Like I said, it has been drilled deep into my head that Nancy likes sea glass so every time I walk down by the water I look for sea glass. I walk the whole time with my head down looking for sea glass that for some reason is rare and elusive. But Nancy enjoys it and because she does Susan has us looking for it on each of our walks. Not that I mind but by this point it feels like the three of us taking a nice walk along the beach.
Somehow, I see God doing the same for us but on a scale a million times larger. He knows the things we like, the simple things that bring us joy. He thinks about us and wants to make us smile. So He has the birds chirping for Patti, the trout jumping for Bob, the moon shining full for Diane, the alligators snapping for Mark, the wood working tools for Patty, the snow falling for Paulie, the stars shining for Michael, the sun setting for Susan, the tennis balls bouncing for MaryAnn, The Rangers playing for Cathy, the motorcycles humming for Tony and Susan, the music playing for Kelly, the pizza cooking for Deke, the popcorn popping for Dylan and Kalie, the milkshakes being prepared for Andy and David, the ice cream being scooped for Steve and Donna, laughter for Karen, the coffee brewing for Armando, the bon fires for the Hickeys, Seinfeld reruns for Sean, Hallmark shows for Jimmy, board games for Marty and Marge, Cruises for the Palmas, sunshine for Helen,Science for Peter, Knoebels for the Bolands, family dinners for the Hoods, fireworks for the Kennedys, hugs for Stella, Peru for Carmen, my “spiffy shirts” for Jeannie, the beach for the Barbaras, the lake for Simon, worship for Chuck and Eiress, seafood soup for Brad, rainbows for Annie, Boston for Rob and Eileen, cats for Christian and Nancy, books for Jill, snowcapped mountains for Doc and Joy, Word Of Life Camp for Steve, Jan and Kevin, flowers for Andy and Therese, anything purple for Jennie, Joni for Gillian, sea glass for Nancy and so many other big and little things for each of His children.
I may have missed some people in that list and I apologize if I did.
What is yours? What is that thing that brings you joy?
It’s just God’s way of saying…”I’m thinking of you.” Small gestures to let us know we are remembered, He has not forgotten us. Personal touches that say we are of value and unique and are etched in His heart. It’s just God’s way of saying He has sea glass for all of us.
By the way…We never found any sea glass. We hardly ever do. But we always look. We always look for “Sea Glass For Nancy.”
What do you think?
How does it make you feel?